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About Us

Formed in 2001, Leeds Trading is the first specialist distributor of Technical fabrics in the UAE

We have established ourselves as the market leader in the region, aggregating some of the best brands in the world under our distribution.

Our core values are based on providing quality fabrics with a consistent supply line, allayed to cost effectiveness. We offer a comprehensive range of coated and netted fabrics as well as all requisite accessories and machinery, providing a one stop solution for all technical fabric requirements. 

We provide Technical fabrics to an array of industries with differing applications. Our fabrics are used in industries as varied as sun protection, marine (water tanks, water lining), transport (truck side curtains), tents and even
oil (oil booms).


We also provide turnkey solutions for the welding and fabrication of the fabrics. Complementing this we also provide a range of accessories, aluminium extrusion and requisite machinery.

Our Ultimate Goal

First and foremost, our goal is to serve the needs of our client, whether they are based locally or regionally. In this regard we have developed a network of transport tie-ins to ensure we can get our products to you in good time wherever you are in the Gulf. This, combined with our well
stocked warehouses and experienced logistical network, means we are the reliable choice to get you your technical fabric requirements in expedited time.


It is our mission to supply our customers with the best in the industry; in order to do this, we are continuously expanding our range of suppliers and working with the market leaders in the sector, to ensure we not only meet but exceed your requirements.

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