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What is Keder?

Keder is a flexible plastic core that is wrapped in PVC fabric which is usually used as an intermediary or connection between aluminium frames and the fabric that will be covering the structure.


The fabric which is welded to the core using a ‘pinch weld’ technique has either one or two overlapping arms called “flanges’ which is then welded to the PVC fabric. The advantage of using Keder, is it simplifies the process of installation of the fabrics to the structure, whilst also enabling high tensile strength and evenly distributed tension. 


At Leeds we manufacture premium quality high frequency welded Keder. Using state of the art HF welding machines from Forsstrom along with European panama fabric and virgin Keder core we are proud of the premium quality Keder we produce.

*up tp 5 year warranty

Keder Fabric

Currently we produce three sizes of Keder: 8mm, 10mm and 12mm

Applications: Tents, Shades, Tensile structures, Stages, Sail boats, Yachts, Banners

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