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Our Services


At Leeds in addition to our fabric supply, we also offer a High Frequency Welding service and fabrication. Using our state of the art Forsstrom High Frequency machines and our experienced welders our customers can now avail of our commission welding service. We offer high speed production for any form of PVC Textile fabrication. We fabricate amongst other things: Shades, Tents, Oil Booms, Side-curtains, Water Tanks, Water Lining etc.

We also offer a design and patterning service along with structural analysis. Our Engineer using ix-forten software and can produce all your drawings and calculations to assist you in your tensile calculations.

TDW welding.jpg
Forsstrom TDW flying.jpg

We also offer our customers a slitting service. We can now slit rolls of up to 5m widths and 30 cm diameter. Our machine comes with a digital counter insuring precision slits of any width up to 5m. We can slit rolls of PVC, Polyester, Acrylic and HDPE.

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