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High Frequency

Welding Technology

Forsstrom HF are recognised as a world leader in High Frequency Welding Technology. 

For Further information on HF welding, please click here. To view the full range of Forsstrom Machinery please visit their website.

For any sale enquiry or for further information please contact Hani at Leeds Trading or Mikael Wallin at Forsstrom.

Based out of Sweden, Forsstrom machinery merits its reputation as the “Rolls Royce” of welding machines.

Forsstrom develops all its machines based on the tenants of safety, durability and developing innovative bespoke solutions to their customer requirements. Forsstrom have machines in over 55 countries worldwide and a client list in a varying array of industries such as tents, structures, pool liners, billboards, liquid tanks etc. Forsstrom has a wide range of HF welding machines in the segments; stationary, travelling and special. Each machine has been developed to suit different types of manufacturing and a wide range of applications.

As the Middle East representative, we Leeds are delighted to offer to our customers in the Middle East outstanding quality High Frequency welding machines to complement our range of fabrics. From our base in Sharjah we stock spare parts as well as offer localised repairs & service, insuring in the eventuality of any issue a closely based task force with parts available to insure a swift response to any issue.

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