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Block Out Fabrics

SRF is an industry leading tarpaulin manufacturer providing high quality and cost-friendly industry fabrics

At Leeds we are pleased to present our value range of Tarpaulins manufactured by SRF. With a large range of products and colours, our SRF fabrics offer a large scope for most customers’ requirements.

Our SRF Tarpaulin products range from 550gsm in weight up to 900gsm in weight, with over 12 colours available. With the SRF fabrics we are also able to offer bespoke products depending on a customer’s needs, with FR additive or PVDF extra Layer coating available.


As with all our products, SRF tarpaulins come with the requisite warranties, and have been vetted for quality by us to ensure
your peace of mind.

*up tp 5 year warranty

SRF Coated Fabrics

​Our coated fabrics are available in wide range of colors and as well as double side or single side coated as desired by
customers. SRF also offers specialty fabrics with high UV stability, flame retardance with acrylic and PVDF finishes.

Applications: Sun Protection, Tarpaulin, Water Lining, Water Tanks

Colours: White, Beige, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Orange

Weights: 550gsm, 630gsm, 750gsm, 900gsm 

Characteristics: UV protection, Water proof, Weldable, FR (upon Request)

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