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Technical Fabrics

Verseidag are an industry leading technical fabrics manufacturer providing high quality fabrics 

Verseidag are a market leader in the manufacture and supply of Technical fabrics.


With a focus on technical expertise and efficient manufacturing structures it is no surprise that the name Verseidag is synonymous in the world of technical fabrics. With shared values and commitments to our customers, we are proud of our association as a distributor for Verseidags’ products...

*up tp 5 year warranty

Duraskin B1078

​We supply Verseidag duraskin B1078 in 750 gsm weight. Its main use and applications are for car parks, Truck Side curtains and lightweight Shades.

Applications: Car Parks, Gazebos, Awnings, and Small Tensile Structures.

Colours: White, Beige

Weights: 750gsm

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*10 year warranty

Duraskin® Opaque Premium B1673

We supply the Verseidag duraskin B1673 in two colours: white and dual tone Black/grey. This product has a very specific application which is for Events and Concerts. This fabric is used all over the world nominally for concert structures due to its durability, strength as well as the duality of its colouring.

Applications: Applications: Tents, Stages, Concerts

Colours: White, Black/Grey Dual tone

Weights: 850gsm

Characteristics: FR

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